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Common Causes Of Overheating In Diesel Generators

1. Low coolant levels which could mean the coolant is leaking internally or externally. Leaking coolant could be a result of loose clamps or leaking gasket among other reasons.

2. Poor circulation of the coolant which could be caused by a collapsed soft hose leading to a restriction.

3. The diesel engine generator has accumulated dirt on its exterior. Heavy accumulation of grease and dirt on the surface of the generator hinders normal heat dissipation.

4. Over fueling the generator.

5. A broken cooling fan or improper fan belt tension.

6. Clogged diesel injectors. If the fuel injector is clogged, the system will have to overwork to compensate for the clogged injector which leads to overheating.

7. Clogged air filters can cause the generator to overheat and cut out.

8. Damaged exhaust that restricts exhausting.

9. Generator overload.

10. Low oil levels.

Maybe you should check a specialist in order to avoid all of these dangers.

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